Published on Friday, October 16, 2020

PBA Elects Board, Sets Goals, Adds Neighborhood Reps

The Pensacola Beach Advocates met October 15 at the Beach Church. Here's a brief recap: 2021 Board Members are Rhonda Dorfman, Lyn Castel, Jack Womack, Glenn Windham, Bill Wray. Terry Preston, Lauren Campanella, Liz Hewson serve as Committee Chairs. 

Ongoing programs include: coordinating agencies to ensure a safe Spring Break, seeking solutions to traffic problems, supporting retention of the SRIA; and continued investigation into the unregulated use of residential leased properties i.e. vacation homes. Definition of a single family residence.

Announcements: PBA requested the SRIA not increase lease fees. The SRIA voted 5 -1 to increase the fees of those whose lease has a CPI escalation clause. 

A PBA Community Survey was initiated. Results will be compiled soon. 


New programs:

Neighborhood and street representatives to communicate needs to PBA board. Board will take concerns to appropriate agencies. "This allows PBA to work for you to make Pensacola Beach a better community," said Rhonda Dorfman, PBA Vice President. 

Issues introduced during discussion:

SRIA should have more control or re-establish powers granted to them
Enforcement of Parking rules for weddings/large events
Citizens are weary of calling law enforcement, code enforcement for violations
Prohibiting on street parking when a tropical storm watch is issued
Prohibiting on street parking when post storm debris collection is taking place
Request for an update on the right-of-way clearing program
If an agency has no enforcement power, the credibility of their requests is lost
A thank you to Escambia County Sheriff's Deputies for staying on the island before, during and after Hurricane Sally. The Fire Department evacuated. 
Suggestion that if the SRIA does not do a better job of managing the leases, that they pass their power over to Escambia County. 
Additional discussion about rental homes, ownership and management of such. "These homes are not going away. We need to create a balance for residents," Jamie Crittenden, PBA President.  



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