Published on Monday, November 1, 2021

Pensacola Beach Advocates Release Member Poll Results

Below please fined the 2021 Annual Meeting Poll Data, and comments: 


What do you enjoy most about living on the beach? 

Proximity to beach 28

Quality of life   34

Salt Life. 6

Restaurants and bars. 1


What is your number one concern about living on the beach?

Short Term Rentals. 14

Cost of Insurance.   14

Event Homes. 9

Traffic.   19

Safety.   4

Hurricanes.   1

Quality of Life. 8



Do you believe that services provided by Escambia County maintenance have improved since taking responsibility for the island from SRIA? 

No. 39

Not sure.  7

Yes.  8


What do you think SRIA could do better on the beach? 

Please comment in other tab. 


Address problems with unregulated short term rentals


Animal Control


Be more proactive in controlling short term renters and people who abuse the beach area.


bring back wood walkovers; stop double taxation (lease fees AND taxes without deed); do not require double permits or other burdens that hinder homeowners from rebuilding after hurricane loss; "homtel" issues; 




Enforce the leases and have a thorough understanding of all the leases 


Enforce the rules already in existence.


I don't know what their function is.


I think they are about worthless so anything would be better


limit hoteliers


Litter patrols and enforce garbage can ordinance violations


Maintain structures enforce lease provisions and enforcement of everything 


Provide better patrolling of the beach.


put in a boat ramp on beach at Ft Pickens entrance -less traffic area


reasonable rules enforced


So much to say here!!! If they had some sort of actual authority to enforce rules they create it would be great! So much going on out here it’s like wild Wild West . People just do what they want with no repercussions . 


Spend lease monies on island infrastructure and activities that are for island residents to create a greater sense of community


Limit parking to public lots.  Short term rental regulation, animal control , enforce leases,


Pedestrian safety - we don’t have crosswalks along Via de Luna. We also have speeding jet skiers in the swim zone along the Santa Rosa Sound. Finally, we have been giving away our Island to large developers.




Take action on the 'Event Homes". My understanding was there were to only be single family residences on the beach. Not home hotels


Please comment in other tab. 


Should the SRIA retake direct control of Pensacola Beach public works so that services improve?

Yes. 35

NO 18

Don’t know.


I don't know. Whos holding up the one waying and the walkover repairs.


If SRIA is committed to serving homeowners as much as they are the local businesses, then perhaps so


Not sure if they would actually improve! 


Only if that tax money is directly funded back to the SRIA


They seem to do pretty good job



If Escambia County enacts a short term rental ordinance what would be the most important element of that to you? 

Enforcement. 34

Equity in collecting taxes. 9

Application Fee structure. 2

Fire Code Safety 1.           Other:  noise,  manage unruly guests


Would you be interested in learning more about the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Elevation Program and Flood Mitigation? 

Yes. 37

No 17


Do you believe that pedestrian crosswalks are placed appropriately throughout the beach area? 

Yes.  31

No. 22

there are too many and/or the rules about stopping for those without traffic lights are unclear (which causes dangerous traffic situations). And let me be clear: Signs are not the answer to this! We need fewer signs, not more.


Do you believe existing crosswalks are adequately illuminated to ensure pedestrian safety?

No.  44

Yes. 11


Do you believe lease fees should increase if the leaseholder has increased the size of his home during the lease period?

No     35

Yes.    19


Does your street have adequate “no parking” signage? If not, please indicate location under the “Other” tab? 

Yes. 35

No  12

Ariola at Avenida 23




There are dangerous places in Villa Sabine where home construction/remodeling vehicles block the road

Via de luna


1300 block of Ariola


Avenida 15 has signs but people park right in front of them anyway 


Near Santa Rosa Towers


Not applicable


please don't put more signs anywhere. If it's clear that additional no parking signs are warranted, please can't we at least have more attractive signage while ALSO getting rid of the excessive, redundant, ineffective, and unnecessary sinage?


Sabine drive 


How would you rate the services delivered by SRIA?

Good.  23

Average. 19

Don't know. 3

Excellent. 2

Poor. 5

How would you rate the quality of representation of your elected District 4 Commissioner Robert Bender?


Good. 19

Poor. 7

Don't know. 2

Excellent. 5


How would you rate the quality of representation by your SRIA elected representative Dr. Tom Campanella? 

Good  25

Average. 10

Don't know 1

Excellent. 5

Poor 10


How would you rate the quality of representation by State Representative Alex Andrade?

Good 14

Average 20



very poor 1

Poor 7

Excellent 2


How would you rate the quality of representation by State Senator Doug Broxson?

Good. 16

Average. 20


Unknown 8

Excellent 2

Poor 15


Do you believe PBA should spend money to fight lawsuits to enforce lease provisions?

Yes. 32

No. 15



I’m not sure I understand this question. I believe lease provisions need to be enforced so I wouldn't fight a lawsuit that aims to enforce lease provisions.


Do you believe PBA should spend money to file an appeal with the FCC over 5g towers on Pensacola Beach?

N0 35

Yes. 12

Don’t Know 4

I would want to know how PBA plans to obtain the money



Do you believe the SRIA should ask the County Commission to define the term “single family home”?

Yes.   44

No. 9


How could PBA better serve leaseholders?

Attending public meetings on behalf of leaseholders  26

Filing lawsuits on behalf of residents 7

Communicating more frequently with leaseholders. 15

Do a better job of treating all residents fairly when improvements are desired. The electronic sign announcing all improvements need to be approved is ridiculous. Does anyone really believe someone who wants to do something to or with their home that they 


be better responsive to leaseholders concerns


continue to work on solving the illegal taxation/lease fee issue


fight taxation issues on lease property




Do you support Escambia County becoming part of incorporated Pensacola?

No  33

Yes. 13


If Escambia County ever voted to become a part of incorporated Pensacola would you support Pensacola Beach incorporating into it’s own city?

Yes 39

No. 7




Do you believe SRIA should charge for parking in public lots in core? i.e. ( Casino Beach, Boardwalk , Park West, Park East) 

No  28

Yes. 23

I would need more information


Need to do further research and fact finding 




Do you believe the new access road has helped traffic flow in the core area? 

Yes. 21

No 22


dangerous after leaving the Grand Marlin trying to go back east


Don’t know


Please leave any additional comments here. Thank you for taking the poll.  A new ordinance will only work if enforced. We have lots of rules and ordinances now but zero enforcement. Dogs on beach. Houses work done with no permits. Parking where ever they want. Speed not enforced. Noise rarely enforced. I could keep going 


Pensacola Beach is 3 things: 1. A community with year round residents. 2. A public park for day visitors. 3. A beach resort and vacation destination. The leadership of Escambia County does not seem to know how to manage all three. The lack of maintenance in the common areas and removal of beach and sound access is telling. The SRIA staff, Sheriff, Fire, EMS, Lifeguards, the guys who clean off the sidewalks and pick up the trash, are all great hard working people. It's the County leadership that's lacking when it comes to the amenities of the island. Simple and inexpensive things like fixing potholes, landscaping, replacing beach and sound access. What happened to the dune walkovers? Sound access? Boat ramp? A lot of time and money is spent on big projects that are years in the making. That's nice, but meanwhile fix the potholes in the streets. Maybe the SRIA Board should spend a couple days at Pensacola Beach in a golf cart or walking tour and give this place a critical inspection then give Escambia County Maintenance a punch list on improvements to make. Or return the maintenance function, staffing and the funding, to the SRIA to manage. There's a lot to be said for local control.  


Would love to see the useless mobi mats removed and replaced with wooden walkovers to the beach to assist all beachgoers and protect the dune system!!!!


On a recent Sunday morning when it was time to travel for church the sand sweeper was on Ft. Pickens Road nearing the core area. A running event was just finishing in the core area, also. Needless to say the sweeper did not help with the traffic situation. Who schedules the sweeper?? (Kathy) Some of our visitors to the Beach always leave their trash, unable to deposit in the proper container just feet away. This is everyone's beautiful beach. It's not their garbage dump. There should be education for our visitors to respect our Beach not trash it


Litter patrols and enforce garbage can ordinance violations



No Roundabouts. Please time the work on roads to not overlap into peak months of tourist seasons.


A new ordinance will only work if enforced. We have lots of rules and ordinances now but zero enforcement. Dogs on beach. Houses work done with no permits. Parking where ever they want. Speed not enforced. Noise rarely enforced. I could keep going


The blue dune walk over mats are unsafe for elderly or disabled individuals. There are no hand rails to grab in the event of a fall. Bring back the old wooden cross overs. People are stepping off the blue mats and walking on the dunes instead of using it. Also the wooden cross overs were more user friendly for photo ops with the Gulf in the Background. Now photos are taken upon the highest dune.

Traffic is still ridiculous. How much money has been spent on repeated studies only to have nothing done to actually fix the problem. The new turn lane onto Fort Pickens road is great- except when people are lazy and wait until the last second to get into it side swiping vehicles already in the lane.



Main concern is lack of representation on maintenance and new infrastructure. Why can't the bridge tolls be increased and funds used to improve the beach for all residents and visitors?


Would love to see the useless mobi mats removed and replaced with wooden walkovers to the beach to assist all beachgoers and protect the dune system!!!!


Ave 23 and Ariola drive corner needs more signage so that beachgoers don’t drive south to the dune to load/unload. Beach maintenance vehicles should use the emergency access and not the 1412 empty lot. No parking signs needed so long vehicles, ladder fire trucks and 18-wheeler trailers can make a safe turn on the pavement. As for leaseholder lawsuits I believe all residential leases should be should be granted fee simple title to the property. The county commissioner Robert Bender should represent beach residents and Escambia County departments take over all beach services.


SRIA should enforce the rules, regulations and restrictions it has on the books. Lease agreements have definite restrictions on improvements of lots, yet many leaseholders violate them. SRIA needs to monitor and take action on violations. Also, the county needs to remove all the dead palm trees lining Ft. Pickens Rd. and repair the sunken brick crosswalks at beach core. Replace the overhead light illuminating the small island crosswalk at the core stop light with a brighter one. TOO DIM!

Dog enforcement. This is a big problem. Return to more family friendly Pensacola Beach. Events shouldn’t all be alcohol-related Improve first impression near toll with nicer landscape, etc Monitor boardwalk in evenings so safer, and more conducive for families. Clean up and improve walkways to beach. Many are unsafe. Make a plan to replace bike markers on bridge immediately. Change reputation so beach is more welcoming to businesses. It’s time to clean up trailers, storage bins from Iva in residential areas, unless active repairs are being done. Bike trails desperately need improvement, especially core and west. Bad problem bumps at many utility sites, other dangerous bumps for bikers, walkers, strollers. broken off edges, could they be concrete, or at least updated very regularly? Big plus for PB. Also please do NOT put bikers on street/very very dangerous. Mentioned above, but crosswalks are hazardous/hardly visible to drivers/terrible near-accidents happen regularly. Transportation needs improvement plan soon. Make a plan to shield all trash bins in parking lots to improve unsightly aesthetic, locating them to not hurt views and least visibility possible. (Pensacola Beach Ball, casino Beach, examples.) relocate some? Love Bands on the Beach, and the new market there.


We’ve neglected pedestrian safety along the 1100 block of VDL for sixteen years. We routinely allow the commissioners from districts one, three, and five to bad mouth the hard working tax payers of Pensacola Beach. Watch the Escambia County second budget meeting on Or watch the commission meeting in which districts one, three, and five misappropriated a $3.3 million FEMA grant that had been allocated for dune restoration. Finally, we are giving SRI away to Julian MacQueen. The Escambia County commissioners abandoned fee simple under the ruse that it would lead to a condominium canyon with less public access. Since that action, we have sold MacQueen a previously unleased 2,744 square foot Casino Beach property for $8,500 and re zoned it for condominiums. We also granted MacQueen a 67% density increase at his former Best Western then waived the $325,000 consideration fee.



Fix areas on the main road Via De Luna Dr between core and Portofino where road as been patched before as they will damage you car wheels. Keep up with and add landscaping....look at GB proper on 98 for comparison. bulldoze the toll gates down. Enforce some restrictions on run down homes as an eye sore to beach.



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